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Chennai, November 20, 2015: STEER, creator of materials platform technology, today announced the launch of STEERLife, a startup that is poised to revolutionize the global pharmaceutical industry by changing the way medicines are made and taken, helping companies move manufacturing practices from conventional batch to continuous processing (B2C), bringing much-needed control and reproducibility.

The brainchild of two pioneers – Dr. Babu Padmanabhan and Dr. Himadri Sen – STEERLife is a synergy between engineering and pharmaceutical sciences, to create advanced technological solutions and processes that enable “quality by design” against the inefficiency, waste, pollution and costly processes that are currently followed by the industry.

Evaluate pharma world review indicates that the global pharmaceutical market is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020 with a CAGR of 4.8%. Even in the Indian context, according to Care Ratings, India’s second largest credit rating agency, India’s medicines and pharmaceuticals industry is expected to show total sales of Rs 2.91 trillion (47.88 billion) by 2018, with an average annual growth of at least 14%, helped by a rapidly growing domestic market and new emerging export opportunities. Moreover, the country is expected to become the third largest pharmaceutical market by 2020 in terms of incremental growth.

The pharmaceutical industry is inundated with compliance challenges in manufacturing, resulting in instability, volatility, and uncertainty. The number of drug recalls (due to contamination, defects, improper testing, or inherent safety issues) surged at the FDA in 2014, begging for a solution that protects against regulatory restrictions while addressing the need for sustainability and long-term effectiveness.

“The pharmaceutical industry is facing an urgent need to move from batch processing to continuous processing. STEERLife is excited to introduce industry to advanced technologies using a self-contained, self-cleaning vessel that can transform the properties of bulk materials in a single step over a very short time interval. We address the industry’s most pressing need by manufacturing optimized quality granules that can be further processed to prepare the final dosage form. Dr. Babu Padmanabhan, Managing Director and Chief Knowledge Officer at STEER, said: “Our technologies enable a significant reduction in manufacturing overhead, footprint and number of processing steps (2/3), which results in better quality control and energy efficiency, in addition to negligible waste. management, leading to a greener process”.

According to a report by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority of India (NPPA), there are over 10,500 pharmaceutical manufacturing units in India alone. More than 77% manufacture drugs “in formulation” and about 22% are engaged in the manufacture of drugs “in bulk”. “The global market opportunity for STEERLife is enormous. It is easy for manufacturers to imagine the benefits in terms of quality, availability and savings in time, energy and space. Padmanabhan said.


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