Romaco seminars and live presentations are a resounding success


More than 80 customers and other interested parties from the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and chemical industries visited the seminar days at Romaco in Karlsruhe on May 18 and 19 under the motto “Together towards a more sustainable future”.

At this face-to-face event, guests from Germany, Austria and Switzerland had the opportunity to participate in six different workshops held in small groups over a two-day period. Participants learned all about the latest trends towards more sustainability in the processing and packaging sector. Speakers from the brands Romaco Innojet, Kilian, Tecpharm, Noack and Promatic examined the issue of environmentally and consumer-friendly production processes from different angles. They were supported by experts from Huhtamaki and Colorcon, two Romaco partners.

One of the agenda items at Romaco’s seminar was the potential energy savings enabled by hot melt coatings in fluidized bed processes, which offer up to 85% faster processing times. The demonstration of Romaco Innojet’s VENTILUS® The laboratory enabled the participants to observe the excellent flow properties and the very good compressibility of the granules. In the case of natural products, these can be made without any additives and without added preservatives. Romaco Kilian’s contribution focused on the issue of product loss during tableting in production and the development of new tablets. Attendees got an in-depth insight into how the material consumption of a tablet press can be drastically reduced through design measurements and press simulations.

The joint Tecpharm and Colorcon workshop discussed the application of titanium dioxide-free tablet coatings. Titanium dioxide is considered hazardous to health and will be banned in food in the European Union from August 2022. Due to their high level of process control, Tecpharm’s tablet coaters facilitate the switch to alternative additives, not least because the technology can reduce spray losses by up to 60%.

On the packaging technology side, Romaco and partner Huhtamaki shed light on the production of paper blisters using Noack’s Unity 300 blister line. As an environmentally friendly unit dose packaging, paper blisters are particularly suitable for use in the nutraceutical and food industries. In addition, Promatic cartoners support the safe processing of recycled packaging materials.

The live presentations that took place within the framework of the seminar days were mainly aimed at an international audience. More than 100 interested people from Europe, Asia and America registered for one of the two dates offered in May. A wide selection of one-stop solution provider Romaco’s extensive processing and packaging portfolio has been covered.

The idea was to show how production processes can be made globally more sustainable, while reducing energy and material costs. Romaco Noack’s blister packaging lines, for example, are carbon-neutrally manufactured with a very small footprint and equipped with an energy monitor that drastically reduces the energy and air consumption of each machine. . Romaco was also highlighted on its line competence in the production of extra-large multi-phase blister packs, including robotic transfer to the downstream cartoner. Demonstrations of the Romaco Siebler STF 120 tube filler, the Romaco Tecpharm Optima 100 tablet coater and the Kilian KTP 590X single-sided rotary press completed Romaco’s live stream in Karlsruhe.

“Climate protection doesn’t have to cost the earth,” concluded Jörg Pieper, CEO of the Romaco Group. “On the contrary, with the right measures, a substantial reduction in manufacturing costs can be achieved through savings in energy, materials and space. This forward-looking approach is consistently implemented at Romaco through the sustainable design of our machines.


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