PharmaCircle, the thought leader in drug delivery and formulation development, launches “Smart Search”


The difference is in the details

The intelligent search engine deciphers the world of pharmaceutical data and analysis using a single search box

Smart Search is the most powerful, comprehensive, fastest and most efficient tool available. It provides the simplest form of “Google Search” type interface.

— Dr. Tugrul Kararli, President and Founder

SUNNY ISLES, FLORIDA, USA, April 28, 2022 / — PharmaCircle, the leading provider of authoritative news, global insights and expert analysis on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, technology administration and devices, launches its Smart Search Engine to provide the most comprehensive information tool in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Tugrul Kararli, President and Founder of PharmaCircle, said: “We are very excited to launch our smart search engine, which provides the simplest form of ‘Google Search’ type interface that everyone is used to. This innovative interface and easy-to-use search functionality allows users to effortlessly access the vast amount of content from PharmaCircle’s hand-selected market intelligence and research and development services.

PharmaCircle’s intelligent search engine eliminates the need to make module, interface and search field selection decisions by making content from the complete set of business information and R&D modules available in the background . Users can create complex search queries without any prior knowledge of how to navigate and use the platform. Smart Search automatically adapts to every user query, detecting intent with its autocomplete, relevance mapping, and ordering filters to deliver accurate results quickly and efficiently.

Following execution of the formulated search queries, the engine displays the total number of matching records from each content set. The results corresponding to each set of content are presented in the form of dynamic and interactive charts and tables created by Turboard Business Intelligence and Data analytics software. Users can also save their searches for later use.

For more information on Smart Search, please visit and email us at [email protected] to schedule a one-on-one demo meeting.

About PHARMACIRCLE: Since 2003, PharmaCircle has provided customers with the integrated data, powerful analytical tools, and industry insights needed to solve complex, real-world challenges in product development and innovation. PharmaCircle serves commercial and emerging life science companies and suppliers worldwide. Most of the world’s 50 largest pharmaceutical and biologic companies are long-time customers. PharmaCircle offers three subscription service solutions: Professional, Elite and Premium. More information can be found on PharmaCircle at, or at [email protected]

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