New technology for delivering multiple formulations of drugs at home obtains a patent in the United States


SEVALENTS, Bexson Biomedical disruptive offering ready for the small molecule injectable market, has received patent clearance by the USPTO for “Salt formulations of complexing agents of pharmaceutical compounds”.

The company’s formulation technology allows portable home health solutions of various types of medicines previously administered exclusively intravenously (IV) to now be administered subcutaneously providing important opportunity to adjust dosage.

The new platform is expected to serve as the foundation for Bexson’s low dose ketamine therapy for postoperative pain management, BB106. The new patent also allows Bexson to license its new equipment to other biopharmaceutical companies producing small molecule drugs.

The company’s chief scientist Jeffrey Becker, MD explained that “there has been little innovation for the delivery of small molecule therapies, so we believe the opportunity to move from IV delivery to subcutaneous delivery will be a game changer. “.

Bexson CEO Gregg Peterson pointed out that the patent demonstrates the company’s “strong commitment to protecting the innovation and broad business opportunities” developed so far.

Psychedelic companies are constantly developing new ways to provide their customers with better treatment. From launching new drug-related technologies to offering post-treatment care, innovation seems to be at its peak.

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash


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