New Pharmaceutical Packaging Inspection System Provides 360 Degree View


A new pharmaceutical packaging inspection system offers manufacturers the ability to serialize and aggregate vials and vials from 10 to 110 millimeters in diameter.

The integrated 360 series T60 of Mettler-Toledo PCE uses six image sensors to provide a 360 degree view of the container, ensuring that small product or serialization codes printed directly on the bottle or applied label can be read. The ability to print product codes directly on bottles and vials rather than cartons saves time and money by reducing the number of labeling processes and systems that must be maintained.

The integrated 360 series T60 can detect stained, poorly printed or otherwise unreadable codes, reducing the risk of recalls on the road.

“It’s a real challenge to be able to read smaller codes, and companies often have to introduce specialized product handling, print on secondary packaging or on the top of the lid to do it,” said Marco Pelka, director of Mettler-Toledo market, in a press release. Press release. “With minimal disruption, pharmaceutical companies can now print small codes directly onto individual vials, and the T60 series systems will inspect these codes for machine readability, as well as to verify them for continuous traceability. Whether they want to serialize individual bottles or extend that to aggregating products into secondary packaging such as boxes containing multiple bottles, the T60 Series gives them these capabilities.

The T60 Integrated 360 Series offers models for inspecting 0.35mm and 0.2mm modules.


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