Neopac’s Polyfoil MMB tube approved by RecyClass Recycling Standards Association


Hoffmann Neopac, a global supplier of high quality packaging for pharma, beauty and oral care, has received RecyClass approval for its Mono-material Polyfoil MMB barrier tube, a revolutionary combination of product protection, user-friendliness and attractive aesthetics.

RecyClass, a cross-sectoral initiative based in Europe that aims to advance the recyclability of plastic packaging and establish harmonized approaches to recycled content, has tested and approved the innovative new tube, which includes a metallized PP barrier compliant for plastic packaging. food, cosmetic, dental, and pharmaceutical applications. The analysis was performed by IKTR, in accordance with RecyClass Recyclability Assessment Protocol for PP Containers, and its approval marks the first PP tube / cap combination to be successfully tested by RecyClass.

Neopac Polyfoil MMB tubes can reduce the packaging carbon footprint by up to 38% compared to traditional laminated tubes. The tube body is made possible through an adhesive lamination process, a contrast to existing blown film and extruded film solutions recently adopted by major oral care brands. The advantage: advanced barrier and aesthetic options in the body of the tube. Tube shoulder and cap are made with low MFI HDPE and 2% foreign material.

According to laboratory results, the product ‘Polyfoil MMB Tube PF528’ complies with the current European recycling process for PP containers, provided that it is used under specific conditions. Tests have shown that the plastic generated by its recycling can be reused in high-end or closed-loop applications in the form of blow-molded PP bottles containing up to 25% of this material. In addition, the sorting behavior of the materials has been evaluated by Suez.Circpack according to the RecyClass Sorting Evaluation Protocol, demonstrating that the metallized tube is sortable within the rigid PP flow.

Thanks to Neopac’s advancements in materials science, Polyfoil MMB achieves these goals while retaining the attractive printing and decorating options for which Neopac conventional Polyfoil tubing are known. The solution is available with an uncompromising metallic look and, when combined with Neopac’s HDPE screw and hinged closures, is fully ready for recycling in rigid PE streams.

For RecyClass, Neopac’s Polyfoil MMB tests illustrate the efforts of the plastics industry to develop high-end PP barrier tubes compatible with dedicated recycling streams. The proliferation of new technologies and products for packaging in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, whose priority patient concerns may present material sustainability challenges, which align with improved recycling principles shows a strong commitment of value chain actors, contributing to an increase in the overall recycling of EU targets and advancing the goal of achieving plastics circularity.

The first series of Polyfoil MMB tubes will be available from January 2022, with pharmaceutical customers already performing stability testing.


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