Mindset Pharma Inc. CEO Highlights Company’s Intranasal Formulation Technology, Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio and Partnerships


Mindset Pharma Inc (CSE:MSET, OTCQB:MSSTF) CEO James Lanthier told investors that over the past six months, the biotech company’s efforts in the psychedelic space have begun yielding innovations , partnerships and impressive returns bolstering the company’s patent portfolio.

The Toronto-based drug discovery and development company is focused on creating new, next-generation psychedelic and non-psychedelic drugs to treat neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders.

In June 2022, Mindset announced its proprietary, patent-pending intranasal formulation technology that has the potential to improve central nervous system (CNS) drug delivery, including first and subsequent generations of drugs psychedelics.

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“The intranasal formulation leverages Mindset’s unique patent-pending platform technology and has been shown to alter the pharmacokinetic profile of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of first-generation psychedelic drug candidates. “, Lanthier said in a letter to shareholders.

“The first proof of concept (PoC) of our intranasal technology using 5-MeO-DMT showed promising results,” he added.

Lanthier noted that the newly developed technology has the potential to “reduce dose level, accelerate uptake and exit from the brain, and reduce peripheral side effects”, thereby enabling more “effective, more efficient treatment delivery.” safer and more profitable”. system”.

In May 2022, Mindset engaged a UK-based contract research organization (CRO), Clerkenwell Health, to prepare an initial scientific meeting with regulators from the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). ) to discuss the clinical development of Mindset’s first psychedelic drug. drug candidate – MSP-1014 – a new patented second-generation psilocybin-like drug candidate.

“It was critical for us to engage Clerkenwell Health as we progress the progression of MSP-1014, our lead Family 1 clinical candidate, into first-in-human clinical trials,” Lanthier noted.

Mindset has also entered into an innovative research collaboration with the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), a leading psychiatric research hospital based in Toronto, Canada.

“We are sponsoring a preclinical study at CAMH of MSP-1014 alongside psilocybin. The study interrogates how macro and micro doses of psychedelic compounds modulate the expression levels of molecular biomarkers of brain plasticity in rats,” Lanthier said.

Mindset said the researchers expect to uncover short- and long-term changes in cFOS and BDNF expression that may underlie the long-term behavioral changes associated with a single psychedelic experience and develop molecular information on the magnitude of the effects of MSP-1014 compared to psilocybin.

Additionally, Mindset has a partnership with the McQuade Center for Strategic Research and Development (MSRD), a member of the global Otsuka family of pharmaceutical companies, to provide ongoing funding for development expenditures and leading CNS expertise needed to bring Mindset Families 2 and 4 clinical candidates of next-generation psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT compounds, respectively, in Phase 1a and Phase 1b human clinical trials.

“This partnership with Otsuka, a world leader in bringing to market CNS drugs, is another incredible opportunity for Mindset, differentiating us from our peers in the psychedelic space,” Lanthier said.

More recently, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted patent application number 17/387,864 by Mindset, entitled “3-Pyrrolidine-Indole Derivatives as Serotonergic Psychedelic Agents for the Treatment of CNS Disorders “. The application includes Family 2 drug candidates, which are novel psilocybin analogs that exhibit a range of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic improvements in preclinical studies.

Investors can learn more about Mindset’s strong patent portfolio here.

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