Jones Healthcare Expands Drug Compliant Packaging Offer


Jones Healthcare Group, a provider of advanced drug packaging and dispensing solutions, is expanding its Qube and FlexRx drug adhesion product lines with one-of-a-kind sustainable packaging for pharmacies. The Qube Pro, FlexRx One and FlexRx Reseal are designed to reduce the environmental footprint of pharmacies and patients.

Medication adherence packs, also known as blister packs, organize medications by the time and day the doses need to be taken, to help patients and their caregivers keep up with diets and improve outcomes for health. Jones’ new adhesion products use ORGANICANIMALS , a medically approved bioplastic made from renewable resources without any chemicals of concern, and also recyclable throughout North America.

“We continue to focus on the circular design principles of our products to bring more sustainable packaging to the market – it is our responsibility and it is important to our pharmacy customers and the patients they care for.” said Trevor Noye, senior vice president, Drug Adherence. at Jones. “Not only is our new packaging the first to use advanced Bio-PET, but it also uses film-free media to improve recyclability. “

“We are impressed to see Jones take the Lead on sustainability in the pharmaceutical packaging industry and we are honored to be their partner in achieving this, ”adds Paul Antoniadis, CEO of good natured. “Sustainable plant-based packaging alternatives are now economical options, while benefiting the planet and human health. “

The Qube Pro, FlexRx Reseal and FlexRx One are compatible with a range of automated robots that fill blister packs with medication, as well as semi-automated filling technologies from Synergy Medical (SynMed), McKesson Canada, Global Factories and more.

Pharmacies can start using Qube Pro, FlexRx One and FlexRx Reseal at 1Q22. Jones will post more details on each Solution as it becomes available.


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