Health Supply US Streamlines Customer Experience with V-Shapes Manufacturing Process


Health Supply US (HSUS) is dedicated to pipeline transformation for US healthcare facilities, first responder networks, and federal, state, and local governments. The company is identifying, sourcing and delivering safety and medical supplies to frontline workers and those who need them most. HSUS has invested millions of dollars in infrastructure, machinery, equipment, technology and people to achieve these goals.

One of its most recent investments is the acquisition of two V-Shapes Alpha single-dose packaging machines and a V-Shapes VS dflex nearline digital printing solution.

Cesar Garcia, Managing Partner, said: “Our initial plan was to outsource the manufacture of single-dose hand sanitizer sachets that we could distribute at events and for other uses. But it quickly became clear that it made more sense to install the equipment in our North Carolina factory. Once we installed our first Alpha and were on our way to our second, it also became clear that we could easily do the printing onsite rather than outsourcing it with the VS dflex printer.

V-Shapes Alpha is a highly automated packaging machine for filling, sealing and die-cutting single-dose pouches in sizes ranging from 40mm x 50mm to 85mm x 100mm. Brands can choose to use a variety of printing options, from simple monochrome coding to high quality color printing on the top and/or bottom of the pouch to promote brand image.

Almost any liquid or semi-solid product can be packaged in V-Shapes pouches that open with a single wave of one hand. This provides a more convenient and hygienic way to distribute products and samples across a wide range of industries.

The V-Shapes VS dflex proximity roll-to-roll printer simplifies flexible packaging printing on-site, eliminating the need to outsource printing or tie up other printing equipment in the factory, especially for shorter runs of personalized pouches.

For HSUS, these acquisitions have radically transformed the design and approval process for single-dose products, making it easier to meet tight customer delivery deadlines and setting the company apart from the competition.

Garcia added, “Using both the Alpha and the VS dflex, I’m able to do everything on the spot and on demand; and it saves me about 2.5 weeks minimum for each project, which greatly improves our cycle time.

Drying on film is instantaneous and the speed at which the VS dflex works means it can be used for production prints, not just samples. The flexibility offered by the combination of V-Shapes Alpha and VS dflex has also opened up new opportunities for HSUS. Garcia concluded, “While we originally envisioned sanitizers for packaging, we now also envision producing various types of creams and lotions. Along with the need for medical gels that can be conveniently and hygienically dispensed, we also see opportunities for packaging high-end or sample sauces for cosmetics, as well as products for other industries.


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