Gnosis Solves Persistent Formulation Problems With The “Matrix” Version of Ingredient K2


Gnosis by Lessafre’s new offering is a form of its ingredient menaquinone called vitaMK7 Matrix. The stability of the ingredient has been improved by something the company calls a “matrix carrier”.

The ingredient has been successfully marketed in the market for a number of years, so it’s not as if it previously suffered from debilitating stability issues. But until now, its use in some products that may contain mineral salts has been a delicate process that required careful and long formulation development time. The new ingredient will be much more of a plug-and-play option, said Xavier Berger, Global Market Manager at Gnosis by Lesaffre

Allowing greater flexibility in formulation

Our new technology gives brand owners and contract manufacturing organizations the ability to create more complex formulations in a smoother, more predictable process, allowing quality, innovative products to hit market much faster ” ,he said.

“Stability is not such an issue when formulating the vitamin K2 ingredient as a stand-alone or combined product. It is when you start to introduce ingredients that contain moisture or mineral salts, such as calcium carbonate or magnesium oxide, that getting and maintaining stability becomes a heavier process, but feasible. This new technology takes much of the manpower out of the process, enabling manufacturers and brand owners to make exciting new products a reality, ” Berger added.

According to the company, the addition of the matrix support function will:

  • Improved homogeneity of the powder, facilitating its handling and formulation
  • Best-in-class stability, especially with mineral complexes
  • Possibility for formulas to keep a short and unchanged list of ingredients without additives.

Berger said the new, enhanced matrix ingredient will work well in traditional solid dosage formats. But since it is highly dispersible, it is also suitable for liquids and powders. An added benefit is that formulators can use a lower excess amount of vitaMK7 while still meeting the label claim at the end of a product’s shelf life, Berger said.


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