GE Additive Launches Amp Metallic Additive Manufacturing Process Management Software


GE Additive announced the launch of a cloud-based process management software platform at Next Forms.

The company will deploy the first two modules of Amp in mid-November 2021 for users of the Concept Laser M2 machine. A larger version of the Print Model and Simulation & Compensation modules is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

Designed exclusively for users of GE additive machines, Amp has the tools to manage, process and fabricate metal additive parts on a single platform with the goal of providing a streamlined workflow that reduces trial and error and improves production of parts. With centralized data, users can simulate the manufacturing process in real time, generate cost and time estimates, while also having access to a database that supports the seamless transition of data from a job to a job. other.

GE Additive indicates that the main benefits of the Print Model module include the automation of manual tasks, such as media generation, nesting and slicing; the ability to perform design work while intensive processing tasks run in the background; and receiving notifications of potential points of failure before printing begins. The Simulation & Compensation module, on the other hand, was designed to add predictive capabilities to GE Additive machines by anticipating distortions, residual stresses, interferences and coating machine faults and applying corrections before the launch of the machine. impression.

These tools are offered to GE Additive users via a limited version in which Concept Laser M2 machine users can register for free for a six-month trial period, starting November 23.e.

“At GE, we are in a vantage position to be both the largest user of metal additive technology, as well as being a manufacturer of machinery and powders, so we understand first-hand the challenges facing companies. other users are faced with the industrialization of metal additives, ”commented Igal Kapstan, General Manager – Software at GE Additive. “And when we couldn’t find a software solution that met our needs and that was easy to use, we created one. As we develop Amp, my team has benefited from working closely with the teams at GE Aviation and GE Global Research – true additive users working on an industrial scale – to get their perspective and their valuable comments.

“We know from our work on the Binder Jet and M Line that this iterative, customer-centric approach works very well and helps us continually improve Amp as we prepare for a larger release in Q2. next year, ”added Jeremy Harrington, vice president of business development, software at GE Additive.

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