Emballator Launches New Line of Tubes for Intimate Care Applications | Item


Emballator unveiled a new series of single-material tubes with integrated applicators for internal and external treatments, developed with a focus on consumers.

The new series of Women Care tubes includes the Extended Long-neck, Twist off Recap, Twist off Reseal and Long-neck models.

The elongated long-necked tube is apparently suitable for pharmaceutical and healthcare products, providing a single dose for internal treatment. Emballator claims the built-in applicator is safe and comfortable to use, with soft edges and a long application neck, allowing the tube to be completely emptied. The company adds that softer materials are available for added comfort.

The Twist off Reseal tube can be used for both multiple or single uses and is also suitable for healthcare and pharmaceutical applications, according to Emballator. It has a built-in, resealable twist lock that is said to be travel safe and has a tamper evident seal.

According to the company, its Twist off Recap tube also features a tamper-proof cap with an integrated unscrew solution that provides an uninterrupted seal and also offers time and material savings compared to traditional caps.

Finally, long-neck tubes come in multiple sizes and volumes meant to fit different applications, says Emballator. Intended for single-dose use, the long neck tubes can apparently be customized based on design and functionality requirements.

All of Packator’s Women Care tubes come in an inclusive size range, according to the company.

Additionally, Emballator claims that all tubes are 100% mono-material and therefore recyclable. The company adds that the tubes are made with green electricity and can also be made for medical grades or from sustainable materials.

Emballator notes that the tube manufacturing process meets ISO 9001:2015, 15378:2017, and ISO 14001 standards.

Caroline Häggström, Head of Healthcare Sales at Emballator Tectubes, comments: “We are proud to finally be able to launch this series of tubes. The tubes are both safe and durable for the user and the environment.

Daniel Lundström, Product Developer at Emballator Tectubes, explains: “Our flagship product in this series is our Extended Long-neck tube – a new tube completely developed for intimate products and which can be used for a wide range of applications from medicines to health products. .”

Emballator Techtubes previously launched a line of tubes made from 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum, which the company says also uses green energy to produce.


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