Electronic Position Indicator From: Siko Products, Inc.


When machine adjustments are required due to a product change. Communication between the system controller and the AP10 position indicator ensures that product and size changes are safe, simple, precise and fast.

SIKO electronic position indicator AP10 features a two-line backlit LCD display that displays both target and actual position values. The target value is sent by the controller and the actual position value is returned to the controller. Once the position values ​​match, the LED status indicators will change from red to green. This monitored process reduces machine setup times, prevents incorrect settings that could result in tool damage and / or excessive scrap.

The AP10’s backlit LCD screen improves readability even in low light areas. Additionally, the message can be reversed using the onboard programming keys allowing messages to be read normally from any mounting angle. The LCD screen is designed as a two-line, six-digit 14-segment display. As a result, even long adjustment tracks can be accurately displayed. The 14-segment display also allows the clear display of alphanumeric characters, simplifying: configuration, commissioning and fault diagnosis.

In addition to the directional arrows on the LCD display, the AP10 also provides clear visual user guidance via two two-color status LEDs. These not only signal the position status (InPos or OutPos), but also indicate the required direction of rotation relative to the target value: Left LED red – Counterclockwise rotation, Right LED red – Clockwise rotation.

The AP10 has a unique feature that we call “loop positioning”. This parameter allows the user to configure how the target position is approached. For systems where spindle clearance is an issue, the position value can be programmed to always be approached in the same direction, thus eliminating any position error caused by loose play in the spindle, greatly improving the setup accuracy of the spindle. the machine.

Like all SIKO position indicators, the AP10 features a stainless steel hollow shaft with available reducing sleeves and two torsion pin positions for ease of assembly on most metric and imperial spindle sizes. This means that shafts with mechanical indicators, like the SIKO DA09S can be easily replaced by the AP10 without changing the design of the machine.

The AP10 is available in IP53 or IP65 versions. The IP65 model is suitable for many applications in the food industry, beverage production and / or the pharmaceutical sector.


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