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For solid dosage formulation chemists, it is generally a daunting task to crystallize the moisture adsorption conditions for pharmaceutical substances. To help researchers better solve this problem, CD Formulation is taking advantage of its position in the industry as a contract service provider and announces that it is offering hygroscopicity assessment for tailor-made pharmaceutical formulation projects.

Hygroscopicity is a terminology commonly used to describe the interaction of a material with water. In fact, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients in solid dosage forms will absorb water vapor during manufacturing and subsequent storage steps. As excessive amounts of water will adversely affect the physical and chemical stability of API and the functionality of the excipients, the determination of hygroscopicity is therefore a very critical step, especially for drugs which degrade greatly in the presence of water.

“Usually, moisture uptake assessments start in the early stages of drug development. One thing that needs to be noted is that the importance of characterizing the equilibrium moisture content (EMF) of the formulated material is equivalent to that of determining how quickly that level is reached, ”says a senior scientist at CD Formulation. .

Based on the hygroscopicity data of various formulations, drug developers can better select the most suitable solid form of the drug for further development. Several methods are most often used for the evaluation of pharmaceutical hygroscopicity, namely the method of gravimetric sorption analysis (GSA), thermogravimetric analysis (TA), the method based on radiofrequency, halogen drying as well as than many other techniques. Recent studies have shown that the high throughput method of hygroscopicity classification using sorption analysis is more robust and can provide accurate and reproducible data while requiring fewer compounds and time.

CD Formulation laboratories can test products at any scale, and a full assessment of API hygroscopicity can be performed to different standards. Please visit to find out more or write to us directly at [email protected]

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As a science-driven company, CD Formulation has accumulated rich experience in drug formulation and is qualified to serve the pharmaceutical industry by providing CRO services to develop, design and produce pharmaceutical excipients for solid dosage forms. , semi-solids and liquids. With an innovative mind and a down-to-earth attitude, the company is on a mission to solve the long-standing problem of developing new APIs. It has successfully completed several development projects and proudly extends its capabilities, which range from generic to innovative formulation with the ambition of improving the solubility and bioavailability of difficult-to-formulate compounds. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that comply with GMP regulations, the company continues to provide customized solutions to its customers, taking into account the unique requirements and circumstances of each new project, whether it is initial preformulation testing or of commercial manufacture.


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