CD Formulation recently launches drug packaging services for the pharmaceutical industry


New York, United States – April 27, 2022 – Packaging is another factor that determines the stability and integrity of drugs. Excluding the role of producer and supplier of excipients, US-based CRO company, CD Formulation, today announces that it is launching a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging services, providing support throughout throughout the packaging design process, from material selection to chemical and surface products. design analysis and selection.

CD Formulation’s team of experts have in-depth knowledge of various pharmaceutical packaging materials such as the most commonly used plastics and glass, and can perform a wide range of targeted functional tests to ensure that the packaging of the drug is stable and can meet regulatory requirements. “Through continued efforts over the past several years, we aim to be the partner of choice for customers to achieve their drug development goals,” says CD’s Head of Formulation Marketing.

The importance of pharmaceutical packaging lies in three areas. Firstly, information printed on packages, such as labels and leaflets, is essential for patients and pharmacists to obtain advice on issues such as use, timing of drug administration, etc. The information provided must be sufficiently clear. Second, pharmaceutical packaging must be easy to use to ensure patient compliance. Third, a single drug package can be impressive enough to avoid confusion with other drugs among professionals and patients.

With all these goals in mind, CD Formulation’s research team offers the following drug packaging services for pharmaceutical companies:

Drug Packaging Testing Services

Leak test of pharmaceutical packaging materials

Detection of fluorescent whitening agents in pharmaceutical packaging materials

Packaging design services for pharmaceutical products

Polarized Internal Stress Test

Determination of water vapor transmission capacity of pharmaceutical packaging materials

Headspace Gas Analysis for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Physical and mechanical property tests

Thermal shrinkage test of pharmaceutical packaging materials

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About CD wording

As a science-driven company, CD Formulation is at the forefront of innovation and continues to apply the latest science and technology to the pharmaceutical industry through its services, with a sincere hope of advancing the global medical industry. It has now become a trusted brand serving as a CRO service provider in the pharmaceutical industry to develop, design and produce pharmaceutical excipients. At the same time, it also provides information on the selection and tailoring of the most suitable excipients, in the hope of bringing out the best effects for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). So far, a full range of drug analysis services are readily available at CD Formulation.

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