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The measurement of solubility is a key element for a preliminary understanding of the pharmacodynamic properties of the drug. On August 30, 2021, CD Formulation, one of the industry’s leading CRO service providers, announces the release of a drug solubility analysis, which is an essential step in the development and formulation of drugs to ensure the efficacy and quality of drugs.

Medicinal substances must be dissolved before they can be absorbed. Therefore, proper analysis and optimization of solubility is of paramount importance for the formulation of the drug in order to improve its pharmacokinetic and therapeutic effects.

“By definition, solubility means the maximum amount of a substance that will dissolve in a given amount of solvent at a specified temperature,” explains CD Formulation’s marketing manager. “We have a set of criteria for the solubility analysis. Before analysis, we need to make sure that the method of sampling is reasonable, that a saturated solution is obtained, that the analytical method is reliable, and that the temperature is properly controlled.

Many factors can affect the solubility of candidate drug molecules, for example, the molecular structure of the solute, the nature of the solvent or co-solvents, the characteristics of the crystals, the particle size of the solid, the formation of the complex, the pH , the common ionic effect, the effect of the indifferent electrolytes on the solubility product, effect of electrolytes on the solubility of non-electrolytes, etc.

Based on the characteristics of the drug and the administration requirements, suitable methods can be chosen for effective solubility and improvement in the pharmacokinetics of lipophilic drugs. “Our methods of improving solubility include: chemical modification of the drug molecule, use of co-solvent, reduction of particle size, hydrotropy, addition of surfactant or solubilizing agent , ionization and optimization or adjustment of pH, temperature change, complexation, etc. Marketing manager.

The solubility analysis services offered by CD Formulation are aimed at establishing a complete pH solubility profile and studying solubility in simulated gastrointestinal media to find ways to improve solubility.

In addition to providing dissolution profiles of active pharmaceutical ingredients in various solvents such as inorganic solvents with different pH values, organic solvents, intestinal juice or simulated gastric juice and other solvents, the CD formulation is also able to perform dissolution test under conditions specified in accordance with the specific applicable pharmacopoeia standards. Visit: to learn more about the relevant details.

About CD formulation

Since its inception, CD Formulation has worked hard to innovate in drug formulation, trying to meet the growing market demand for a more flexible and efficient drug development system. Although challenges and difficulties still exist, the company has managed to find a smarter approach to the design of excipients in the hopes of solving the long-standing problem of low solubility and bioavailability of new APIs. Equipped with a group of experienced staff, CD Formulation works closely with the pharmaceutical industry as a contract service organization, providing exceptional expertise to manage complex drug formulation issues.


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