CD formulation provides tailored solutions for thickening excipients for drug development


Helping to speed up the drug design process is always the goal of CD Formulation, a New York-based CRO company. As we put 2021 behind us, the focus of CD formulation remains unchanged and there is even more motivation to be a more active player in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, the company recently announced to start providing tailor-made solutions for the manufacture of thickening excipients.

Considering that there might be unique requirements for each drug design project, CD Formulation’s team of experts insists that custom production of excipients is a must and best practice in the industry.

Thickening excipients can be added to a mixture to increase its viscosity without substantially altering its other properties such as taste. In addition, thickening excipients can also improve other behaviors regarding stability, suspending action as well as emulsions.

Thickener molecules contain many hydrophilic groups, such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, amino, and carboxylate, which can hydrate with water molecules. The majority of thickener molecules are extracted or processed from natural plants and animals. “Our scientific teams are constantly developing new product solutions and are therefore well placed to help customers find better solutions for their drug design or development projects. Based on years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the ideas and suggestions will surely become an accelerator in the attempt to commercialize drug candidates,” said the Head of Marketing of CD Formulation.

Polysaccharides and polypeptides are two common types of thickeners. For example, starch, cellulose, pectin, and alginic acid are most commonly considered polysaccharide thickeners, while gelatin, sodium caseinate, and cheese paste are most commonly considered polypeptide thickeners. . Polypeptides generally have limited sources, high prices and fewer applications.

In general, the role of thickening excipients in medicine relates to the following aspects: stabilization, thickening effect, water retention, flavoring effect, etc Please visit to explore CD Formulation’s diverse excipient offering, which includes coloring excipients, adsorbents, desiccants and humectants, binding excipients, and more .

About CD wording

Since its inception, CD Formulation has aimed to be a science-driven company dedicated to drug formulation research. At the beginning, it provides customers with various ready-to-use excipients, and with continuous progress, the company considers that tailor-made solutions for the production of excipients should be a better strategy in response to the challenges posed by drug design. . In the meantime, the company has completed several development projects and is proudly expanding its capacity day by day. CD Formulation’s top-level experts strive to resolve long-standing issues in the development of new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as always.


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