CD Formulation enriches its offer of excipients with active pharmaceutical ingredients


Continuing to be a trusted CRO company for drug formulation and development, CD Formulation recently announced the expansion of its active pharmaceutical ingredient excipient offerings. Now a number of API excipients are readily available to CD formulation including Cetrorelix Acetate, Fondaparinux Sodium, Calcitriol, Vitamin D3, Tirofiban Hydrochloride, Eptifibatide, Ammonium Citrate ferric acid, calcipotriol API, calcium orotate, meglumine, obeticholic acid, magnesium potassium citrate and magnesium. Oxide.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients are the two main components that make up drugs. APIs refer to biologically active ingredients in pharmaceuticals, while excipients are chemically inactive substances that help deliver the drug to people’s systems.

“The main objective of excipients is to enhance the effect of the active ingredients of the drug, in all possible aspects. For example, binding excipients act as a binder to bind powder, granules and other dry ingredients together to give the product the necessary mechanical strength. Penetration enhancing excipients help absorb API through the skin into the body. Stiffening agents are mainly used in topical preparations to increase the viscosity of the preparation”, explains a senior scientist from CD Formulation.

Of all the newly launched API excipients, Cetrorelix Acetate is a white powder that can be used as a component of controlled ovarian stimulation regimens. Fondaparinux sodium can be used in anti-thrombotic applications. Eptifibatide can serve as an inhibitor of platelet aggregation. The ferric ammonium citrate provided is of pharmaceutical secondary standard and the tirofiban hydrochloride is of medical grade. Magnesium oxide has a cubic crystal structure, although BP and PhEur describe light magnesium oxide as an amorphous powder. Meglumine is an excipient used in telmesartan tablets.

In addition to these already readily available API excipients, CD Formulation also offers custom synthesis and manufacturing services for customers around the world who have special requirements on the type, quality and quantity of excipients. With concerted efforts from both sides, CD Formulation aims to bring out the best performing excipients and ultimately make the contract drug research project a success. Please visit to know more.

About CD wording

As a service provider for the development, analysis and testing of excipients as well as drug formulation, CD Formulation feels a great honor to have successfully completed several drug formulation research projects for his clients. Encouraged by the continued confidence of its partners, the company decides to further enrich its range of activities in order to provide a more comprehensive portfolio of services to its valued customers worldwide. Among these, drug packaging services have recently been added to help developers establish unique and easily distinguishable drug packaging.


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