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New York, United States – December 23, 2021 – With a GMP-compliant laboratory and a suite of state-of-the-art analytical instruments, CD Formulation recently announced that it is providing dosage unit uniformity test for scientists or companies engaged in drug development projects.

Each unit dose should have uniform Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to ensure that the drug product meets relevant quality specifications. Poor quality drugs will cause unwanted side effects for patients and therefore should not be marketed.

“Consistency of dosage unit testing is currently considered an essential step in drug formulation. The uniformity of content or variation in weight of different dosage units, such as tablets and capsules, should be carefully evaluated, ”commented one of CD Formulation’s lead scientists. “Our dosage unit uniformity test is performed according to pharmacopoeia methods. In addition, the final data and the report we provide is accurate and reliable, which can help our customers to better assess the potential risks of the finished drug.

Uniformity of dosage unit can be measured by two methods, namely variation in weight or uniformity in strength. Both of these methods apply to both dosage forms containing a single active ingredient and dosage forms containing two or more active ingredients. There is a limit threshold between the content uniformity (for dosage units containing

At CD Formulation, different dosage forms can be tested for unit uniformity including tablets, capsules, solids in unit containers, suspensions, emulsions or gels for systemic use only and packaged in unit containers, solutions for inhalation packaged in glass or plastic ampoules for use in nebulizers, and drinkable solutions packaged in single-dose containers and soft capsules, etc.

To test for content uniformity, suitable analytical methods are Raman spectroscopy, transmission Raman spectroscopy, and high performance liquid chromatography. With extensive market research and past contract research experiences, CD Formulation can provide a full range of customized products. drug analysis services. Please visit to learn more.

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As a science-driven company, CD Formulation is a trusted partner for pharmaceutical companies, providing CRO services to develop, design and produce pharmaceutical excipients to meet the needs of different customers. Driven by a spirit of innovation and a down-to-earth attitude, the company spares no effort to address the long-standing issues that arise from the stages of drug dosage development, from the first trials to preformulation or commercial manufacture.

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