Caustic Soda Market by Type, Manufacturing Process, Quality and Application and Segment Forecast to 2026


The global caustic soda market is expected to register tremendous growth in the next few years due to increasing demand for the product in several high income verticals such as paper and pulp and inorganic chemicals. Caustic soda is a common name used for sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as lye. The common name of the substance is derived from its chemical identity as sodium hydrate and its corrosive or caustic nature.

In its pure form, NaOH is a waxy white solid, it is a by-product obtained during the chlorine production process. The material easily absorbs water and creates aqueous solutions. The commercially available sodium hydroxide or caustic soda is usually sodium hydroxide monohydrate (NaOH * H2O).

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Caustic soda is used for many purposes such as making candles, making soap, glazing glass, homemade biodiesel, making many types of food, and different chemical experiments. The material is also used to make various everyday products including aluminum, paper, oven cleaners, commercial drains, and detergents.

Sodium hydroxide is also commonly used to help produce a wide variety of pharmaceutical and medicinal products, ranging from common pain relievers such as aspirin to life-saving blood thinners that can help prevent blood clots. The product also finds application in the production of cholesterol lowering drugs.

The global caustic soda market is categorized into different segments in terms of production technology, application, and regional landscape.

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Regarding applications, the caustic soda market landscape is divided into alumina, pulp and paper, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, water treatment, textile, soaps and detergents, food processing and others. The increasing demand for aluminum products is expected to drive the growth of the caustic soda industry during the forecast period. The segment is expected to experience an impressive CAGR of over 6.1% during the projected study period.

Based on a regional benchmark, the LATAM caustic soda market is expected to show a respectable growth trend over the coming years. The region already holds a share of more than 5% of the global market.

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