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Excipients play a remarkable role in the drug formulation process. Binding excipients are used to improve the disintegration, bulkiness, bioavailability and rate of dissolution of the drug. To make binding excipients more accessible to researchers, CD Formulation recently announced a full line of binding excipients that can be used in pharmaceutical research.

By definition, the function of binding excipients is to act as an adhesive to “bind together” powders, granules and other dry ingredients, giving the product sufficient mechanical strength.

“Just like other excipients such as disintegrant or pH modifier, binders have a specific purpose, i.e. to provide sufficient cohesion for powders which is necessary in normal processing and at the same time, ensure that the tablet will disintegrate and the drug will be dissolved upon ingestion, thus releasing the active ingredients for absorption, ”said a spokesperson for CD Formulation. “Our company has rich experience and capacity for all kinds of drug formulation projects, whether generic drugs or innovative drugs. In addition, the scientists at CD Formulation are also able to design formulations for molecules that are poorly soluble in water. In addition, attempts to improve the solubility and bioavailability of difficult to formulate compounds have been made. “

Binder excipients supplied by CD Formulation include (to name a few here):

Cellactose 80, KG grade microcrystalline cellulose, UF grade microcrystalline cellulose, Mannitol, Urea crystals, exp Anhydrous glycerol, exp Sucrose, D (-) – Extra pure fructose, Extra pure titanium (IV) oxide, CD Carbonate calcium 70 (calcium carbonate – sorbitol), GR ACS Lactose Monohydrate, HPC – hydroxypropylcellulose, Starch 400L NF, Corn starch NF powder and many others.

In addition to binders, CD Formulation also offers disintegrating excipients, filling excipients, lubricating excipients, sweetening excipients, coating system excipients, emulsifying excipients, lipid excipients, taste masking excipients, excipients. solubilizers, pharmaceutical active ingredient excipients, carrier excipients, compaction excipients, powdered inhalation excipients as well as other types of pharmaceutical research excipients. For more information, please visit: https://www.formulationbio.com/products/binder-excipients.html.

About CD formulation

Composed of a group of pharmaceutical experts, comprising chemists, biochemists, engineers and highly skilled operators, CD Formulation not only provides a wide range of excipients, but also works closely with the pharmaceutical industry as as contractual service organizations, offering exceptional expertise to manage the most complex formulas.


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